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  • Hey! So Glad You're Here.

    IE.Solutions is a team of education consultants, software engineers, and designers, that help stressed-out international offices streamline operations, and automate processes.

    We exist so that international offices, large and small, have access to agile, dynamic ways of handling large volumes of data resources in the most straightforward way possible.

  • Work Smarter not Harder!

    We believe that current international resource databases are either too complex or static.

    No matter how complex your workflow is, we can help streamline analytics and communication by using state-of-the-art database design to customize your dream application for managing international education resources.  If you can dream it up, we can make it a reality.

  • Simplify IE Intelligence

    In a world where international education staff are expected to be super-agile and fast, heavy-duty software is not the answer.


    We knew that we could enable complex management of international resources with a not-so-complex tool.  A tool that would actually meet the needs of staff by emphasizing the "intelligence" part of "IE Intelligence."​

  • Insights for Everyone

    We design and build software for international educators that choose an environment of transparency, collaboration, and empowerment over command and control.


    This is what we hope you’ll understand, from the moment you begin using IE.Solutions.

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Advancing comprehensive internationalization through partnership management, integration, and strategy.

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