Pricing that fits International Education

With IE Solutions, you get more than just a partnership management database. IE Solutions' platform delivers powerful analytics built on a modern data stack -- as well as embedded resource management, valuable connected services, customizable data applications, and world-class support.

IE Solutions' pricing is customized for you, based on factors such as number of users and the scale of your deployment. Pricing is designed to fit international education offices large and small.

More than just a partnership-management tool, IE Solutions is a modern data platform

Modern Data Platform

IE.Solutions provides the foundation you need to build a data-informed internationalization strategy. Our platform takes you beyond standard reporting. From data to action-based dashboards, IE.Solutions is your one-stop solution for international partnerships, analytics, visualization and data resource management.

No Record Limit

There is no document record limit. IE.Solutions is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the leader in web hosting, which means that your application is built to handle unlimited scalability and power. We have clients with record counts in the tens of thousands and their apps are still blazing fast.

Project Management

Our Platform gives you the tools to create a comprehensive work breakdown structure and visualize all partnership contacts, agreements, and initiatives. The combination of collaboration features, analytics, and process automation allows you to focus on meaningful work and increase your team's efficiency.

Accessible Pricing

IE.Solutions is priced to accommodate the unique needs of higher education institutions.  Flexible and competitive, our subscription-based pricing is designed to enable you to quickly generate value from your data. Speak with our team to find the best value pricing for your needs.


We support integrations with Amazon S3 & Dropbox, Google Sheets, Integromat, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Smartsheet, Workato, and Zapier.

We also support export integrations for Banner, Ellucian, Excel, FsaATLAS, Horizons, PeopleSoft, SEVIS, Sunapsis, TerraDotta, Via TRM, etc.

Keep everyone in sync

No more version control spreadsheets or relying on one person to make updates for the whole team. With different access levels available, you decide who can make changes to the database and who can't, while keeping everyone in the loop.

Advancing comprehensive internationalization through partnership management, integration, and strategy.

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